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Oxford National History Museum

Most children have a dinosaur phase and unless you live in London (or fancy a day trip) then it can be hard to find any on display.

The Oxford National History Museum is the ideal place to take little people. It’s a gem of a museum with a wonderful range of animal skeletons (including a number of dinosaurs), a range of taxidermy to name just a few things. The museum is impressively child friendly – with engaged staff, treasure hunt trails and lots of hands on displays.

No eating or drinking is allowed in the museum but you can picnic on the lawn in front of the museum (the lawn even has dinosaur foot prints!). Alternatively, you could take advantage of the cafe on the second floor of the museum (or of course the wonderful selection in the centre of Oxford, an easy 5 min walk)

Prams can be taken in but they also have a pram area out the front (not secure so take things like money etc).

Getting to Oxford is easy. If you’re driving then consider using one of the well organised park and ride services. Parking in central Oxford is near on impossible and prohibitively expensive. The park and ride services offer a great family ticket (£6.80 the last time we did it). Oxford is obviously also well served by trains and bus routes (the museum is a fairly easy 15 min walk from the station).

There is so much to explore with little people in Oxford (one of favourites from this just is Cotswold Wildlife Park) and it’s not all that far from our house near Stratford-upon-Avon. I’m sure you’ll see more blogs about the city over the next few months!

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