Warwickshire and surrounding area

Lego Discovery Centre – Birmingham

Legoland Discovery Centre is the ultimate indoor Lego playground with 3 rides, 10 Lego build and play zones, a 4D cinema and much more!

Top Tips

1. Book in advance – The attraction regularly sells out, especially during school holidays and weekends.

2. Book a slot for early or late in the day – Once you’ve entered you can stay for as long as you like. This means that as you reach lunchtime it starts to fill up. It then clears again as the day goes on. Get an early slot and then leave just before or just after lunch or alternatively, have lunch somewhere and then head in for an afternoon of fun!

3. Take a picnic – There is a small Cafe but it serves only a very limited selection of food. The Lego Discovery Centre is in the heart of Brindley Place so there are plenty of restaurants and cafes on the outside. Alternatively, pack a picnic. Whilst there are no designated seating areas you’ll be able to find a bench. You could then treat yourself to cake early afternoon once you’ve had your fill of Lego!

4. Socks needed for soft play – standard practice really but socks are needed. There wasn’t anywhere obvious to buy a pair so best bit to forget yours!

5. Use a locker – there are various lockers around the discovery centre. They all need a refundable £1 coin. They are large enough for coats, bags and picnics. It will mean you have your hands free for Lego building!

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