A family trip to Northern France – thank you MummyandMe

Ghent wasn’t really on my radar until reading your blog, but when we were staying nearby in Lille with our 14 month old son we thought we would have a day trip there (it’s only an hour’s drive from Lille). We are so glad we did – it is beautiful!

We loved Bruges which we had visited a couple of days before, and Ghent had similarly striking and beautiful architecture, but as it was a larger place it had a more everyday normal life atmosphere. For example there were a lot more fashionable chain shops there, like Zara and Mango, in addition still having an incredible number of independent shops.

The waterways were stunning and we were so surprised to find a castle in the centre!

We followed your tips on parking (again super easy!) and had a fantastic time exploring the streets and churches.

One tip, we went on a Monday when a lot more food places seemed closed for the day – we still had a brilliant time but if you want the full choice, go on a different day!

Thank you so much for your recommendations, we would highly recommend Ghent and are so glad we didn’t miss out on seeing it!

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