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Top Tips for Legoland Windsor

1. Book your tickets online before you go. Book 7 days (or more) before you visit for the cheapest online rates. Its also worth looking out for the various offers – (cadburys chocolate button packets often have a 2-4-1 deal. What better excuse do you need for eating a bag?!?).

2. Consider paying the extra for the priority parking (£12 booked in advance vs. £6 for ordinary parking). It is literally on the door step of the park entrance – so worth it if you plan to pop back to the car during the day or if your little ones will struggle with the walk. It’s also quicker to get in and out of the park. Parenting is all about marginal gains!

3. Consider paying for the Q-bot. At £20 a head (although under 3’s are free!) it’s not cheap but it does mean you avoid long queues (and when visiting with young children who doesn’t want to do that!). It basically queues for you so you can enjoy the various other attractions whilst you wait. Top Tip – you can book a ride for the next available time and arrive well after it (but you can only have one ride reserved at a time). As you get on a ride book the next!

4. It’s a large theme park and little legs will tire easily. We generally take our pram system or a new micro scooter festival wagon but you could also hire wagons/trailers for children (for an additional cost – £15 for a double and £10 for a single.

5. Plan your day. Work out which rides you want to do and work out an easy order/route through the park (also great if you’re using a Q bot). My advice is head to the popular rides first (learner drivers, coastguard HQ, Atlantis etc). You can drift around the mini world etc at your own time later in the day. It’s worth noting that if you’re going when you’re pregnant you are slightly limited on which rides you can go on – (cue lots of time sitting on a bench!). It’s also worth checking out height restrictions and whether one parent can take two children etc.

6. Download or print out a Legoland map before you arrive. Internet connection in the park is pretty patchy and it will save you having to locate a map throughout the day!

7. You can get into the park 30minutes before the rides start. Use this time to collect your Q bot, go the loo etc. It’s also a reasonable walk to the main park from the entrance gates (there are slides for little people!).

8. The restaurants are over-priced and pretty poor. Take a picnic! There’s a designated picnic spot in Heartlake City (which is where lots of the restaurants are as well) or you could watch one of the shows (hourly performances) in Heart lake City. There is a lovely grass areas around mini land. There are also a few picnic benches over at pirate shores. Worth noting that you can also get your water bottles filled up for free at various water fountains (one in Duplo valley) as well as at the restaurants and cafes.

9. During the summer months there is an incredible splash area in Duplo Valley (as well as one for older children) – don’t do what we did and forget your childrens swim stuff….we ended up paying a fortune for a swim nappy and a towel! There were changing rooms availiable but you may have to wait.

10. At the end of an action-packed and fun-filled day I would recommend taking the train back up the hill to the obligatory shop!

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