Warwickshire and surrounding area

Jungle Town

Jungle town –  Is an indoor child-sized town with many of the shops and services children interact with in real life. Jungle Town operates on a session basis, with 3 sessions a day. You can book and pay online before you go (I always do this!) or you can just turn up on the day. Both of our children adore this place and there really is something to suit all ages (until I’d say 5/6years old).

Jungle Town is part of a little shopping area at Stratford Garden Centre. I highly recommend that you combine a trip to Jungle Town with some food in either the ice cream parlour (O so scrumptious – the chocolate waffles are incredible!) on in the main cafe/restaurant (the bacon sandwiches are yummy!). There is a fab little play park outside Jungle Town, with picnic benches readily available. Maidenhead Aquatics has a shop inside the main garden centre. Children will enjoy looking at the fish – make sure you have a 20 pence piece so that children can enjoy feeding the outdoor fish. The onsite farm shop, whilst, in my view, not as nice as Hillers, is well stocked and you could pick up some tasty treats for dinner.IMG_4325IMG_4348IMG_4349IMG_4352


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