Must have equipment/gadgets

I’ll aim to update this on a regular basis – please keep checking back. Do you have any other must take items?!?

For babies

All children 

  • The Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind – for those Air B and B apartments where there are no decent blinds (we all need our sleep on holiday!)
  • The Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer – wouldn’t be without this. Useful at home and away….especially with tricky time changes!
  • Nuby Ice Lolly Moulds – We still take these on holiday for our 3 year old. You can freeze fruit juice to make cheap and reasonably healthy ice lollies. For younger children you could also freeze bottled water. These ones are ideal for little hands!
  • iSafe pram travel bag – these come in various sizes so find the one that suits your pram/car seat/stroller. These are vital if you’re travelling with your expensive pram system!
  • Universal Car Sun Shades – we’ve only recently added these to our must have equipment list. Up until this point we’ve relied on the ones that stick to the window. We’ve always had issues with them…they either fall off or the sun manages to sneak around the side!
  • Zoggs Kids Seal Flips Swim Training Toy – great entertainment option for the swimming pool. They really encourage young swimmers to blow bubbles and get their head under!
  • Intex Mushroom Baby Pool – a great little paddling pool with shade. Ideal for holiday apartments, a trip to pool and useful down by the beach.
  • Portable Stairgate – Whilst this is most useful if you’re travelling with a toddler (at the crawling or just walking stage) we still find it useful with our 3 year old. It can be used to block stairs or kitchens (whilst you’re cooking), or bedroom doors.
  • Solarbuddies – A mess-free, re-usable, re-fillable sunscreen applicator. See my review here.
  • Sachets of calpol/nurofen – the bottles of pain relief are often 200ml so larger than the 100ml limit when flying. I wouldn’t be without an emergency dose for sore ears etc when flying!

Older Children

Entertainment for children

Medical supplies 

  • Sachets of Calpol and Nurofen – this can be taken onto the plane.


    • Cool Bag and Ice Packs – A hugely useful addition to a family holiday (especially if self catering!). I tend to take my cool bag as my hand luggage (I invested in a beautiful Joules one!). I then pack the freeze packs in my suitcase. Not only does it mean you can keep your picnic cool it also means you can transport the ice-cream back to your apartment!!
    • Individually switched multi socket – if you’re travelling with little children you often find yourself in need of lots of plug points (monitors, iPad chargers, Gro Clock, bottle warmer…the list goes on).
    • Bodum Travel Press Set – to help you get over the those early morning wake ups!

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