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Holidays that become a habit: Returning to the same place for a holiday? A good idea or not?

Ok so we don’t normally go to the same place on holiday more than once. There are so many amazing places to see and only so much time and money that it seems a shame to go somewhere twice (besides, for me the thrill is in searching out the unknown!) 
We recently broke with tradition when we returned to Dubai for the second year in a row (I am lucky!) So I’ve found myself pondering the pro’s and con’s of returning to the same place. 


1. Clearly the main advantage is that you know where you’re going and what it has to offer. You know what you need to pack and what you don’t need to pack. 

2. You feel familiar and instantly at home –  no settling in period and no familiarising yourself with maps etc. 

3. If you’re visiting the same place but choosing alternative accommodation you’ll be well placed to pick something that suits (perhaps closer to the beach, nearer the shops or more remote). 

4. You’ll have the opportunity to visit places that you didn’t see on an earlier trip.

5. A recent article in the Telegraph suggests that it’s better for children to return to holiday destinations. It apparently provides them with the consistency and stability they so desperately need in this day and age. The author suggests that a “familiar, recurring holiday spot can sometimes be the only anchored thing in a child’s life – a safe and predictable place in a shifting universe.”  Perhaps for some children this is the case, but I’d say my children have a very stable home environment and they thrive in new environments and when experiencing new and exciting things. 


1. I’ve realised that I thrive on the thrill of a new holiday destination. I love planning holidays (who doesn’t!) and I love the sense of excitement and the buzz you get from knowing you’ll be seeing and doing something new. My daughter was recently given a giant map where you colour in the places you’ve seen (may as well get them addicted to holidays from a young age!)….I’ve now started thinking about which areas need more colouring! 

2. If you return to the same place, the second holiday runs the risk of never living up to your expectations. You can’t help but compare the two holidays. Are the staff as friendly?!? Is the food as good?!? Are the views as spectacular?!? I think the safest thing to do is to keep the memories of one great holiday as just that, memories and make new ones in a new, equally exciting destination. 

But this is my perspective, as an adult. What about the children? Do they benefit from going back to the same place?!? As a child myself we always went to the same campsite in Spain (well at least from the age of 9). I was so familiar with the place and met up with friends every year. As an only child this was wonderful for me (and I’m sure for my parents as well!). We looked forward to eating out in our favourite restaurants and we visited the same markets and towns each and every year. I always felt so safe and relaxed on the campsite…as if I was in my second home. I equally recall always feeling slightly unsettled and anxious when we went somewhere new – I guess I was afraid of the unknown. 

So I don’t know…perhaps it’s all about balance…if time and money allows, sometimes returning and sometimes exploring! I suppose what is ultimately most important  is that wherever you go you have fun and make family memories! 


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