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Toddler holiday bucket list 

(Warning – this is not a list for my budget conscious husband!)

It is common for people to write bucket lists when, for whatever reason, time is short and your mind is suddenly focussed on what it is you would like to do and to achieve. It seems a shame to leave bucket lists to just this time in life. It strikes me that they are a lovely way of building memories and of structuring your holiday planning (perhaps I’m the only one who actually structures holiday planning?!?). It has got me thinking. What is it or perhaps where is it I would like to take my children before say they are 5 and 7 years old?!? What experiences will they only really appreciate at a young age?

So here is a list in progress (I look forward to hearing your views)-
1. High on the list is a trip to Lapland to see Father Christmas. I think I’ll be as excited about this one as they are! I’m planning to do this in December 2018 when my youngest will be 2 and a bit and my oldest just 5. Any tips let me know.

2. To stay in a tree house – I think this would be magical. Waking up in the trees, seeing the stars and hearing the birds. This is definitely one for more mobile children who require less stuff (I’m not sure I fancy carrying the kitchen sink up a tree!).

3. A trip to Edinburgh. I have to admit to never having been to Scotland (how awful is that!).

4. A stay in a safari glamming tent – we stayed at El Delfin Verde last summer and the children admired the tents for afar. It would be incredible to stay in one.

5. Northern Lights – a multi-coloured light display!

6. Oman – We’ve been to Dubai twice now. I love how welcoming the people are and how amazing they are with little ones. The weather is ideal during the UK winter so a trip to the Middle East is always on my radar in the gloomy winter months!

7. Safari – we did a camping safari for our honeymoon (with an incredible company called Aardvark Safari). The evening meals under the stars, the walking safaris, the masai warriors…the opportunites are endless. It would be a truly magical thing to do as a family. I’d also love to take the children to a local school – to open their eyes to the difference etc. This is a trip that I’d do when they are around 5 and 7.

8. Thailand – I’ve visited this incredible country but my husband and children haven’t. The people are so very friendly,  the food is divine and the beaches spectacular. To top things off there are incredible temples! Our children would love it.

9. Taking an overnight train journey. Having done some over night train rides in Russia and China I think there is something very romantic about climbing aboard a train and waking up in another city (or indeed country!).

10. A visit to the Dutch Flower fields in Spring – why wouldn’t you want to see this spectacular view? Planned for April 2018.


I’d love to know what would be on your travel bucket list?!?
**New** bucket list holidays achieved

April 2017 – Canal boat holiday – Ok so this might not seem the most child friendly but I love the idea of spending a week drifting down stream with the children helping out, picnics on the river banks and the occasional pub lunch!

January 2018 – To watch my children find their ski legs. We’ve taken our daughter skiing (see Val Thorens blog). She went to ESF crèche. She’s now ready to find her ski legs. I’m sure she’ll love it! In January we skied in Switzerland.

July 2018 – 3. Disney land –  Our daughter has recently become very keep on Disney films. I’m assuming this will only increase as she gets older. I think this will be a late 2017/early 2018 trip (at least in the first instance!). Planned for July 2018.

August 2018 – 4. Camping with the little people! I grew up camping so would love to introduce my children to the joys!

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