Birmingham airport with children 

Where possible we try and travel from Birmingham airport. It’s only 30 minutes from our house so seriously convenient. Here are our top tips for navigating Birmingham airport with children in tow.

1. Park in the multi-storey car park opposite the main terminal (car park 1). It may be slightly more expensive but the fact that you can easily walk to the terminal without having to catch a bus is a god send on either end of your trip. Book it when you book your flights and check websites like money saving expert to see if there are any deals….you can often save something. It’s also worth comparing a number of websites…the price can differ substantially.

2. Pay for the fast track lane at security. There’s pretty much always a queue at Birmingham (and it’s often very slow!) and with two children it can get a bit fractious. If you book it online before you go you pay £3.75 per adult and children under 5 are free.

3. Check out the sky zone near gate 54. It has loads of great interactive activities, some soft play cubes etc. Even if you’re travelling with a budget airline (and therefore using the other side of the airport) you can still access the play area.

The airport has also produced a lovely little activity pack that you could print out and bring with you (in addition to other airport activities like spotting games etc).

4. Annoyingly, you have to pay to use either a pram or a trolley (this is so rarely the case at other non U.K. Airports!). Both require a pound coin so keep some of these easily accessible (you don’t get the money back!).

5. On arrival home the passport queue is always ridiculously slow at Birmingham airport. Try and get off the plane first and keep the little ones moving as best you can! (Easier said than done).

6. If your baggage is damaged when travelling through Birmingham go to the desk in the baggage reclaim hall. My experience is that they are often very unwilling to log the complaint but perservere. On a recent trip to Dubai our pram system was damaged beyond repair.  The first member of staff was particularly unhelpful but the second man I spoke to completed the report very quickly and 4 weeks later Emirates have just sent out a new pram hood!

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