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My latest must have gadget for a toddler 

When returning from Dubai this weekend I was amazed when I saw children scooting through the airport with their cabin sized bag attached. I’ve since discovered that they had the Flyte Casescooter

I instantly saw the appeal. We had packed our daughters scooter (it was not only fun for her but came in handy when travelling between a swimming pool and the accommodation/ beach etc. It really saves their little legs!). We also had the much treasured Trunki. Now this is fine when traveling with a decent airline like Emirates but is not so easy with the budget airlines. The luggage allowance is always tight enough! So the idea of being able to pack her toys in a cabin sized bag that also has a scooter for the holiday as well for travelling around the airport really appeals. I’ll let you all know how we get on with one when we travel to Porto in April. 

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