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Community Cafe’s

It’s lovely to eat out with children (it is really!) but it sure can add up and when the children decide that they don’t like anything on the menu it can turn into one long battle.

Community cafes are the answer to this (well at least partly….) and many other far more important social issues like loneliness. Community cafes vary but in general they are cafes that seek to do some good for their local community – they may employ vulnerable young adults or people with additional needs, they usually invest any profit (and this is usually minimal) back into the community, and they usually run lots of free community events etc. Finally, they offer wonderful value for money and delicious home cooked and unpretentious food. What more could you ask for? Your money is not only buying you wondeful food but doing something good for the local community. I urge you to search them out – support local and use your money for good!

Frustratingly, there is no way of easily finding community cafes. You have to google ‘community cafe in X’ and or ask local friends etc. I am slowly compiling a list. If you have any recommendations then let me know! These are the ones we’ve tried and loved…

CheltenhamSchool House Cafe. It’s conveniently near this amazing play park.

Coleford (Forest of Dean) – Sixteen Community Cafe. The place that first inspired us to find more community cafes!

CoventryRising CafeHoused within the historic surroundings of Coventry Cathedral!

Ilmington (near Stratford-upon-Avon) – community cafe and shop.

Some more listed here.

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